Aramaic origin;                                Rebecca  
meaning 'captivating'                             
leo :Sign  
5'7" :Height  
like a brick shit house :Build  
Humanistic Buddhism/Religious Humanism :Religion  
when I happen to drink :Smoke  
when I happen to smoke :Drink  
ambivalent :Orientation  
out of your league :Status  
someplace :Hometown  
Self Taught Genius :Education  
professional troublemaker :Occupation  

I grew up too fast, but I think I got the important parts.
Once upon a time I was a sweet up girl who thought she knew everything.
Now I'm jaded and pessimistic, and geekier than a case of pocket protectors, but I don't give a fuck.
I like my cup of tea in the morning, or whenever I wake up.
I like playing videogames and making men nerdrage that they can be jibbed by someone with a set of cans.
I love laughing and smiling, I like having something to hold onto. Something that makes me feel safe.
I live simply. I have simple dreams. Perhaps someday they will come true.
I keep a small circle of friends. If you know me, you know why.

I suffer from ADD, a terrible memory, and chronic procrastination
I am a little eccentric
I love reading, writing, listening to music, and drawing.

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